Sunday, September 30, 2012

Uh Oh...T.I. Sends A Message To Jermaine Dupri During His ASCAP Living Legends Acceptance Speech

ASCAP Legends Dinner 44-52
T.I. Is Honored As A Living Legend photo source: StraightFromThe A

Uh oh, T.I. was honored in the name of being a Living Legend, by some of ATL's elite. Lets just say, that the honoring committee has not always been in T.I.'s corner; which he so graciously mentioned during his acceptance speech. T.I. was being his usually sarcastic self, when he started his acceptance speech off with the words, "since we all being so honest", I knew this was going to be good lol.  

Straight From The A reported, 

"He admits he was mad at JD for leaving him out of the historic “Welcome to Atlanta” song and talks about how he survived by pure determination and hard work WITHOUT having his opportunities handed to him for “knowing people” in the industry."

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