Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gucci Mane Is Ordered To Pay 60,000, In Damages For Shoving A Chick From His Hummer

Gucci Mane photo credit: djservicepack

Apparently, Gucci Mane has been ordered to pay back 60,000 in damages for throwing some random chick, (that he picked up and solicited for breakfast and sex), out of his truck, while it was still moving. TMZ is reporting, A Georgia judge recently ruled in her favor … a default judgement because Gucci failed to show up in court and submitted false testimony. The judge awarded Diana $58,161.24 for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.
The judge also signed an order allowing Diana to go after the rapper’s cars, bank accounts and other assets to settle her debt.

According to StraightfromtheA,

According to police, Gucci met a woman at South Dekalb mall and offered to take her to breakfast.
The woman says she agreed to breakfast and hopped in Gucci’s ride. She says she eventually realized they were headed somewhere else (apparently after they’d passed several waffle houses) and she asked to get out of Gucci’s ride.
That’s when Gucci reportedly offered the woman $150 to go to a hotel.
The woman, who was apparently expecting bacon & eggs NOT sausage, turned down Gucci’s offer, so Gucci then allegedly pushed her out of his Hummer while it was still moving.

What is Gucci Mane a real life Martin Lawrence. How do you just throw some one from a car while it's moving? He is so lucky that the lady is still alive. I personally think that she should have been awarded more than that. After all, he only just almost murdered her. What Is This World Coming To ?

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