Sunday, September 30, 2012

Check Out This Video Of Syesha Marcado Singing Love On Top By Beyonce

Syesha Marcado photo credit: Wikipedia

Today I came across this great video of American Idol's Syesha Marcado, singing Beyonce's, Love On Top. I was absolutely blown away. I don't know how American Idol let this talent fall through the cracks of their overly staged show. Seriously, there is no denying this girl can SANG. lol

Not to mention, the talented background singers, whom, I have no idea of their names. I'm not sure what happened on Syesha's season on American Idol because, I am not much of a fan of the show, and I don't think I was tuning in at all during her season. American Idol's season seven is said to have been the season to feature Syesha. I don't think this is the last that we've heard of Syesha. I'm going to stay tuned, I promise to keep you guys updated. Meanwhile, please tell me what you think of this great talent.

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