Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rihanna Does Dinner With Chris Brown's Mom

Chris Brown's Mom and Rihanna Out To Dinner photo's credit: Global Grind

Rihanna is a slowly mending the pieces of her almost broken relationship with Chris Brown. It seems that she has got a major supporter on her team. Apparently, Chris Brown's Mom- Joyce Hawkins is extremely fund of Rih-Rih. Sources close to Rihanna gave the inside scoop- as they reported that Chris Brown's mom reached out to Rihanna with a dinner invite. As expected, Rihanna gladly excepted.

According to Global Grind,

The duo tried to keep a low profile as Rihanna tried to hide under a leopard print hat while out for dinner at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills.
Momma Breezy followed behind Rihanna as the paparazzi cameras almost missed her. 
Do you think Rihanna and Momma Breezy were talking about Chris?
Remember, the two ladies subtweeted each other earlier this summer saying they missed each other. From the looks of things they have no reason to miss one another any more. 
Seems like things are moving along well for Rihanna and Chris. Once mommy loves you the rest is bound to happen. 

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