Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama Hanging In a Jacksonville, Florida Gas Station

obama hangs from noose at shell gas station

What Is This World Coming To? Today, as I received a text message with our President Barack Obama hanging from a Shell gas station I was enraged, and apolled at the level of ignorance that attention seekers will result to.   At first glance I, thought this was a hoax but, now  CNN has confirmed that this is indeed a very real  incident.  Just last week, another attention seeker, decided that he would, hang an Obama (Effigy) Doll in his front yard. I wonder if the two incidents are related.   I will not subject myself to any rude remarks or negative slander in response to this foolery. I will however, suggest that this ignorant incident should be motivation for all Obama supporters to pack the polls tomorrow to vote. This is indeed, one of the most disrespectful racial gestures known to man.  I am in utter disgust.

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  1. might wanna do ur own research....if a man has this in a trucc and drives thru a mcdonalds drive thru thats doesnt mean mcdonalds supprts ur ownnn thinking, dnt let the internet think for u

  2. If shell gas station seen these dolls, & didn't take them down I'm going to assume that they have no problem with it. A man driving through McDonald's drive through with it in his car is very much so different than hanging it somewhere & leaving it. it was ignorant & immature.

  3. @shavonne Marshe#39, I totally agree, as I've stated before, I will not respond or make any comment to ignorant people. So @gabe locc, you do your research, this is my blog, my opinion based on factual evidence,if you don't like it, simply switch to another blog. Thanks in advance.

  4. Silence is complicity! If the good folks do not speak out against these disrespectful, indecent and atrocious acts, then consider yourself on the dark side. Forget the politics, one must respect the POTUS. No Strange Fruit for any President or anybody. Consider Ephesians 6:12. You can not directly blame Shell, even if the station is corporate owned versus independently owned. I can tell you; Shell has Public Relations people that are as appalled as we are and are moving to clean up the mess (as well as the Secret Service) which good Corporations do, before it starts to smell. Check out The Shell Fuel Rewards Network program, smart people are paying as low as one cent a gallon for gasoline!

  5. This IS HER BLOG.......Thank U!
    if you dont like it....K.I M. ( keep it moving) ppl irritate me thinking that they can chastise someone's birhtright to speak their mind; and on a topic like this, there is no excuse for Shell, it shouldnt have hung long enough for anyone to even see it if they are concerned with their corp image. They should have immediately made their position known regarding this heinous act and I for one will not get free air at Shell until some form of an acknowledment/apology is made.....

  6. A blog is a blog. I was just speaking my mind, don't know where the chastise thing came from. My intent was not to punish, castigate or correct, just expressing my feeling. Google is the owner, that include the hardware, software and the network components that makes whatisthe ... possible. Do anything contrary to Googles policy and see how fast they take you offline. I can tell you Shell had no knowledge, not a clue. Although a real-time camera based surveillance system that terminates at the regional or corporate offices would be nice. I know Shell is not there yet, although we are moving to a surveillance society. Have you been to the U.K. lately?Have you driven thought a small town and notice all the surveillance cameras that include the speed cameras? This blog or any mention of Obama electronically is sifted and sorted by The NSA, if they perceive it as a threat folks from the DIA, FBI and or the SS will come knocking at your door.

  7. Ladies, I do not know how your blog made the leap to Negative Presidential Material but you should leave this and any other negative presidential material at it's source and do not propagate same to your blog.

    1. First off, this is my blog, I don't owe you any explanation, about what I blog about. A blog is a place where I am allowed to share my take on certain issue's that appeal to me. For starters, I said nothing negative about shell, I merely reposted what I've read via CNN. This is merely public record, If it offends you, then just don't visit my blog. Just so were are clear, this blog does not belong to google, and they will not remove it, along as It brings in good traffic, they only care about the rank News Flash. How about you write to Shell, and bash them for hanging the Obama doll, not to one small blogger, as you would think to vent. @Sharon Parks, thanks for having my back.


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