Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chris Brown Goes Off On Twitter And Deletes Account

Chris Brown, Champagne
Chris Brown's Tweeted Photo
Chris Brown has gone all the in on twitter, after being taunted by former News Producer turned Comedic Writter Jenny Johnson. Apparently, Johnson has been verbally attacting Chris for some time now on twitter. It seems that Chris Brown has had quite enough as he goes, all in threatening to defacate in her eye, and even telling her to take her teeth out when she's done pleasuring him, orally. This madness all came as a result of Chris Brown tweeted the above photo, with the caption, " I look Old As Hell".   Check out the tweets below.

Brown-Johnson Tweet 1
Brown-Johnson Tweet 2
Brown-Johnson Tweet 3
Brown-Johnson Tweet 4Brown-Johnson Tweet 5Brown-Johnson Tweet 6
Brown-Johnson Tweet 7

Wow, is all I can say. While, the exchange of insults do seem  to be a bit obnoxious, on both of their behalf; the media is having a field day with the reputation that preceeds Chris Brown. Labeling him as a womanizer, who has little if any respect for the female anatomy.

Since the twitter rant, the talk show, The View, has even released video footage, citing the actions taken by Chris as a form of verbal rape. I beg to differ, because in this case she was clearly the aggressor, no court of law will consider a  conviction regarding verbal rape when he was minding his own business on twitter, and she clearly targeted him. If he has verbally raped her, then she has socially harrassed him.

Check Out The Views take on the situation here. I think this is a bunch of crap, as well. Let's be clear, I am a female, and I obviously object to all of the dirty remarks that were made; however, she chose to make rude comments and remarks towards Chris Brown prior to this incident.  For the most part, Chris Brown should have just ignored her, after all, he made a valid point, referencing his millions, and self worth. Which translates to me; that he has much more to loose than she.  I am a very big fan of Chris Brown, but I do believe in taking the 'High Road", and in this case Chris Brown should've taken his bridge over troubled waters.

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