Sunday, May 26, 2013

Birmingham's Own Slim Swagging Drops An Instagram Anthem Featuring Destion

photo credit: Slim Swagging 

Birmingham's list of talented artist is climbing at a steady paced.  To date, a new Rap Artist. by the name of Slim Swagging, is rated FYE.  Mr. Slim Swagging, as I've coined him, has dropped a major club banger; and what I am predicting to be the next instagram anthem. The song boasts, a very laid back yet catchy beat, that showcases Slim's Swagging lyrics, features a vocalist by the name of Destion, and has an extremely catchy hook.. "I'm on Instagram, I'm on Instagram, taking pictures like the Paparazzi".  Lets help keep  The Ham on the map, by supporting our own. Keep up the good work Slim Swagging. Don't take my word for it check it out right now. Feel free to leave your comments, and follow him on twitter @SlimMoney100.

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