Sunday, May 26, 2013

Benzino Drops A Diss Song Admitting That He Slept With Joseline and Dissing Karlie Redd

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta's castmast, former source owner Benzino has dropped a diss song aimed at two of his cast mates; Joseline Hernandez and Karlie Redd. As I'm sure you all may already know; that Karlie Redd pretty much dropped the dime on Benzino, when she informed Joseline that Benzino was spreading a rumor that he'd slep with her. Now, of course Benzino denied those allegations; as well as those allegations that came to follow by Karlie Redd,  that he was actually showcasing Joseline Hernandez' sextape.  Meanwhile, Joseline breaks the news to Stevie J. that his so-called brother has been tweeting and texting her trying to get with her, and the news of him claiming to have slept with her. As a result, Stevie made a choice to sever all ties with him.  Well now it seems that Benzino has decided to drop a diss song aimed at two. The diss track which is entitled "Animal", according to Bossip is hilariously, embarassing.  I'm kind of confused now because this track only proves that he is a liar. He looked Stevie J. and Joseline in the face and denied saying any of the crap that he is now boasting about on a diss. Listen to "animal " now

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