Saturday, April 13, 2013

Drake....Chris Brown's Own Insecurities Let RiRi Fall In My Lap

Drake and Chris Brown

Uh Oh...Drake has finally decided to speak out about the infamous relationship that transpired between himself and Chris Brown's Boo- Rihanna. The Started From the Bottom [Explicit] Rapper conducted an interview with vladtv- where in he openly professes "Chris Brown's own insecurities let Rihanna fall in my lap". As you may have noticed, Chris Brown and Rihanna's  break up has been in the media lately. Aforementioned was Chris Brown's confirmation of the break up. Shortly, afterwards Rihanna confessed at a concert that she doesn't understand f*cking love.  Nevertheless, neither party elaborated on the details that led up to the breakup. However, vladtv recently reported,

Rihanna and Chris Brown's complicated relationship continues to trudge on, with new rumors alleging that they broke up at the Grammys over texts to Rihanna from once-lover Drake. The Sun revealed the news, claiming that even though they're broken up now they'll likely get back together soon.
"Chris and Rihanna had a big bust-up at the Grammys over Drake," a source says. "She was messaging him and Chris saw and it didn't go down well. Since that night they have barely spoken and have been doing their own things. For now they have split up but they will probably make up at some point."
Before Rihanna left to debut her new fashion collection at London Fashion Week she and Chris reportedly refused to sit next to each other at Playhouse nightclub. It was also reported that Chris was in Houston along with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. 

Weeks ago Drake released  5 am in Toronto, where he officially dissed Chris Brown and gloated about his relationship and recent encounters with Rihanna.  Check out Drake's interview with vladtv below.

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