Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WTH...Media Take Out Alleges..NFL Baller Kerry Rhodes Is Gay


What Is This World Coming To?- Is a very legitimate question to ask, in light of this situation at hand.  Mediatakeout.com has been known to fabricate a few stories and photo's; However, the website's most recent photo leak of Birmingham, Alabama's own NFL Star Kerry Rhodes, has set the net on fire.  Aforementioned, Kerry Rhodes sexuality had been allegedly questionable. Nevertheless, the NFL safety stuck to his gun's that he was not gay but, supported the outted players in the league.

I guess mediatakeout.com didn't get that memo because, yesterday, the blog posted several photo's or what appears to be very much so, NFL Safety Kerry Rhodes accompanying a gay man by the name of Hollywood. Rhodes never denied his identity in the photo's but commented that the photo's were just casual. While, I'm clueless as to what casual photo's are, I pose no argument.

Mediatakeout boasts,

And now, without further ado, on to today's EXCLUSIVE news report.
Last week MediaTakeOut.com showed you photographs of NFL star Kerry Rhodes and his former assistant on vacation. After we released our pics, Kerry released a statement saying that he was "NOT GAY" and that the man in the photos was his "ASSISTANT."
Well far be it for US to question how NFL superstar Kerry Rhodes' CHARACTERIZES his own sexuality. But the relationship between him and his "assistant" - an openly gay man that goes by the name "Hollywood" - seems to be a little more than just professional.
Mediatakeout, has posted several different photo's of the two.  In the word's of Trinidad James, "don't believe me just watch".  What do you think? Did mediatakeout.com photoshop these pics, or is this real?

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