Saturday, April 13, 2013

Gucci Mane Gets Arrested... Again

Gucci Mane
What Is This World Coming To? It seems that Gucci Mane is making headlines, again. This time the rapper has been arrested and detained in less than 24 hours after making a $75,000 bond .

StraightfromtheA reports,

After being indicted for allegedly assaulting a soldier with a bottle (click HERE if you missed that), Gucci was released Thursady (April 11) after posting $75,000 bond. But before Gucci could even get his champagne on ice to celebrate, he was arrested again late last night (April 12).
Details below…
Gucci Mane had been locked up since March 26 after allegedly assaulting a man with a bottle in an Atlanta nightclub.

A judge initially denied the rapper bail, but two days ago set bail at $75,000.
After posting the dough, Gucci walked away a free man but Dekalb County authorities re-arrested him today for a probation violation stemming from a case where he threw a woman out of a moving vehicle.


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