Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nude Photo's Of Love and Hip Hop New York's Rich Dollaz Have Been Leaked All Over The Internet

What Is This World Coming To? LAHH New York's Rich Dollaz is at the center the latest internet photo leak. Apparently a photo of the  Rich Dollaz was evasively sent  via email to none other than one of my favorite entertainment bloggers to date- Funky Dineva.  Funky Dineva has since removed the photos off of the blog. After receiving an email per Rich Dollaz' Attorney's request. Apparently, the attorney questioned the validity of the photo's claiming that male captured in them were not Rich Dollaz.  However; a day later Rich Dollarz called in to the breakfast club confirming that one of the photo's featured was indeed him. Rich Never confirmed which photo was him; but he at least owned up to one. Judging the tone of the interview, I guess Rich is denying the penis pic that accompanied another half nude photo. However, Angela Ye from the breakfast club clowns him about the small package featured here, and Rich replied, " I can send out pics of my penis, however the penis in the photo is not mine".    Check out the breakfast club's interview and the nude photos of Rich Dollaz. 

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