Monday, April 8, 2013

Father Arrested For Brutally Beaten Daughters In Twerking Video


What Is This World Coming To? Greg Brown has been identified as the crazed father who was caught on tape beating his teenage daughters like he was training cattle as the result of a twerk video that the girls danced in  via Facebook.  Apparently, Mr. Brown saw harm in them twerking but had no problem in exposing them  to cruel and unusual punishment via the extension card that he used to blister and break skin on their bodies. Apparently, he was unaware of the recording of the entire incident.   As a result, the girl's mother later witnessed the  bad bruising and open wounds that resulted from this beaten and decided to get the authorities involved.  Mr. Brown was arrested shortly afterwards.

Authorities arrested Brown and,  and  will have a strong case against him; simply because, they have exhibit A, the video tape of him relentlessly striking his daughters with no regards. However, there will be many opposing views on at the hands of this video. This type of beating has stirred two different sides of the pot. Some even agree that his behavior is justified; I however disagree.  Nevertheless, he will have lots of time to elaborate on his abusive behavior behind bars. Thanks to this video. Just in case you missed it. Check it out again.

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