Thursday, April 18, 2013

Police Have Grounded and Cornered Possible Suspect In Boston's Marathon Explosions

Update: Authorities have confirmed that one of the suspects wanted for the Boston marathon explosions is dead, while the other suspect is still on the run. They have also advised the entire city of Boston on locked down; instructing all residents to stay put in door; an also advises them not to open doors for anyone.  Police have also identified the individuals as brothers who are natives of Russia who have resided in the U.S. for an entire year.

CNN reports,

Police sealed off densely populated portions of the Boston metro area early Friday after a violent night of chasing the Boston Marathon terror suspects left one of the men and a police officer dead.
The manhunt effectively shut down a large portion of the nation's fifth-largest metro area.

boston explosions watertown mit shooting ied cnn channel 7
suspect grounded in Watertown, MA.. moments ago

The scene of heavy police activity in Watertown.
Watertown, MA

What Is This World Coming To? Police have cornered a suspect on the ground in Watertown, MA. Explosions have erupted in Watertown, MA, moments ago, just days after the Boston, MA, marathon explosions.Since The Boston's Marathon explosion, an MIT campus police officer was fatally wounded. Not to mention, several robberies of multiple gas stations. Law enforcement has neither confirmed, nor denied that any of these incidents are directly related to the marathon bombings. This is indeed, one of the saddest, most intrusive moments that america has ever endured. Nevertheless, news sources are unclear as to whether or not there have been any suspects taking into custody thus far. Officials have identified two males in photos as possible suspects in marathon bombings.

MSNBC reports,

The man in the dark cap with a black backpack is being called Suspect No. 1. The other man, Suspect No. 2, is wearing a white cap backward and carrying a lighter-colored backpack.
The public was asked to call a hotline, 1-800-CALL-FBI, with tips or visit the bureau's website,

While now, it is clear  that police have one suspect in custody and is currently searching for  another suspect, after a string of robberies and the senseless shooting fatality of an M.I.T. police officer have followed the marathon bombings and now, a carjacking incident. 

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