Monday, April 8, 2013

Is Chris Brown Dating Karrueche Tran Again?

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What Is This World Coming To? As aforementioned, It's Official as Chris Brown confirmed,  that he and Rihanna are no longer an item.  While Chris Brown chose not to elaborate on the details that solidified the break up, he did confirm that this is fact was true. Nevertheless, days passed an Chris was noted again confirming that he and Rihanna were still in a relationship. Quiet as it's kept, the two have partied ways again.   Rumor has it, that Karrueche and Chris Brown are on again.

According to Erin Anthony via Gather

There's a rumor Karrueche Tran may be back with Chris Brown even though Brown has professed his love for Rihanna during his recent Fine China publicity tour. The reason why is because Rihanna posted a not-so-cryptic message on Instagram which led many to believe she and Brown had broken up.

While, the idea of Chris Brown dating Karrueche again is not all that far fetched;  sources have revealed that Karrueche has actually commenced to start a love life of her own; with Chris Brown's approval of course.  Mstarz is reporting,

Rumors have it that model Karrueche Tran has moved on from her highly-publicized relationship with ex-flame Chris Brown with a new man - NBA b-baller John Wall. And what does Tran's former R&B lover think of that... apparently, he totally approves! According to an alleged inside source for Hollywood Life, the exes are still good friends and Brown believes that everyone deserves the chance to "be happy."

Quiet as it's kept, the  photo Of Chris Brown being extra friendly with this blonde bartender,  is said to be the cause of Chris' and Rihanna's break up. While, this is noted, Rihanna was spotted out recently courtside an NBA game being awfully friendly with some guy as well. Nevertheless, Chris Brown and Rihanna are totally unpredictable. Who knows what's next for the two. 

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