Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WTF. Marine Band Claims Beyonce Lip Sang The National Anthem

Beyonce' Sings National Anthem @ Presidential Inauguration: photo credit: Denver post

What Is This World Coming To?  Haters were on the prowl last night, and they have continued their conquest today. Several sources are reporting that Beyonce's stellar performance last night at the Presidential Inauguration  2013 was pre-recorded, or lip sung. 

Huffington Post claims,

The R&B diva only pretended to sing, lip-syncing the words to a backing track. What the listeners heard was a version she had recorded at a Marine Corps studio in Washington on Sunday night, a spokeswoman for the Marine Band said.

The spokeswoman, Master Sgt. Kristin duBois, said the weather was good and the Marine Band had no trouble with intonation during most of the prelude and ceremony, nearly two and half hours of music. Still, at the last minute, she said, the band received word that Beyoncé would use a recorded version of the national anthem.

“We don’t know why,” Sergeant duBois said. “But that is what we were instructed to do so that is what we did. It’s not because Beyoncé can’t sing. We all know Beyoncé can sing. We all know the Marine Band can play.”
A publicist for Beyoncé did not immediately return telephone calls and e-mail messages.
Sergeant duBois said it is standard operating procedure to record the music for the inauguration in advance, in case the weather is bad and it becomes impossible for musicians to keep their instruments in tune. Four years ago, for instance, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman and two colleagues used backing tracks during their performance at President Obama’s first inauguration because of the bitter cold.

It was not immediately clear who made the decision to ask Beyoncé to lip-sync the anthem on Monday, Sergeant duBois said. The band’s director, Col. Michael J. Colburn, received orders from the event’s organizers to switch to a backing track just before Beyoncé went on. “The entire performance was live except for the national anthem,” Sergeant duBois said.
Beyoncé recorded the song in a studio at the Marine Barracks Annex on Sunday night, using tracks already laid down by the Marine Band, Sergeant duBois said.

People never cease to amaze me; I  am apaulled at the amounts of shade that  seems to frequent Beyonce'. While, I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations, the story just seems too far fetched. I actually enjoyed her performance. Beyonce' is a great performer; whether the performance was pre-recorded or live is no concern of mine.  She delivered a stellar performance.  Of all things to shed light on during the Presedential Inauguration; Really a person with a rank as high as Master Sergant is concentrating on  leaking info to the press that Beyonce's is lip singing. Check out Beyonce's performance here.  Do you think Beyonce' lip sang, the national anthem.

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