Thursday, January 3, 2013

WTF.. A Woman Is Arrested For Attempting To Purchase Ipads With Her Foodstamp

Tracy Browning walmart ipad food stamp card

What Is This World Coming To? Here is another idiot to add to your list of  america's dumbest criminals.  Take a good look at Tracy Browning. Apparently, Ms. Browning is suffering from a bad case of IDS, Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome, or she in not playing with a full deck. I guess she didn't get the memo, that food is the only thing to be purchased with foodstamps.

Newsone is reporting,

A Louisville, Ky., woman was arrested after she tried to use her EBT card to buy iPads, WHAS-TV reports.
Tracy Browning reportedly entered the Valley Station Walmart in Louisville where she tried to purchase two iPads with her EBT card. When the card was declined, she dashed for the exit with the items and reportedly assaulted a store clerk on her way out. But the cops nabbed her at another Walmart where she allegedly attempted to purchase more iPads with her EBT card.
Browning reportedly has been banned from all Walmart stores because of previous incidents.

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