Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rita Ora Snaps In Response To Rumors That She Is Sleeping With Jay-Z

Rita Ora and Jay-Z photo credit: elitedaily

WTF? Rita Ora, a new artist signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label is pretty pissed this morning. Apparently, reality t.v. star Holly Fagan accused Rita Ora of engaging in some type of sexual relationship with Beyonce's husband/Blue Ivy Carter's Father, Jay-Z. Rumorfix is reporting,

Robert Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend Rita Ora is firing back at online rumors that she slept with her mentor, Jay-Z. The rather strong allegations were started by reality TV star, Holly Fagan.
Earlier this week, Fagan launched into a tirade about celebrity infidelity, tweeting:
“You are all thick if you think just because someone’s absolutely stunning they won’t get cheated on … Cheryl Cole? No relationship is perfect.” Then Fagan decided to drag Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce into things, adding, “I’ve been told to say that Rita Ora has been ALLEGEDLY f*cking Jay-Z! I repeat, ALLEGEDLY.”
Rita Ora snapped back as she stated: “I stayed silent on one bullsh*t rumor, but this one I have to speak … Never will 

anyone, including a red hed dumb Z-list attention seeking 

****, talk sh*t about me and my family, Holly whatever the 

f*ck your name is.”“Anyway, I only speak when I have to and 

that was jus f*cking ridiculous, that’s why I spoke.”

Rita Ora's reputation is surely an interesting one. First, there 

was the tale of Rob Kardashian accusing her of cheating on 

him with some twenty other men while they were dating.

 However, Rita Ora quickly chalked it up to Rob Kardashian 

being bitter over their breakup- of course Rita further 

commented that she called off the break as a result of Rob 

Kardashian's bad sex lmao. Now, Rita has to deal with 

infidelity rumors allegedly claiming that she is sleeping with 

Roc Nation's CEO Jay-Z.  I don't blame Rita for taking a 

stand on this one .Rumors of affairs with single men are one 

thing but, to intentionally defame her character by alleging an 

affair with Queen Bey's husband is a no no. IJS.

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