Sunday, July 1, 2012

Birmingham's Own Rickey Smiley Defends Love And Hip Hop Joseline's Womanhood

Rickey Smiley's Morning Show Cast  wants u to know Joseline Hernandez is not a man photo credit: Facebook/Rickey Smiley

Check out the video featured above as Rickey Smiley defends Joseline's womanhood. He states " for everybody out there who's calling Joseline a man, this ain't no damn man". He further states that he looked very well at her in person in the  studio, and is convinced that she is definitely a woman. He and his morning show cast are definitely vowing that she is not a man.Joseline's Hernandez has been creating a buzz since the very first episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta aired. As previous discussed many viewers are convinced that she is a man. As a result Joseline tweets photos of herself completely in the nude.  However, during the course of the interview, Joseline revealed some rather interesting yet intimate details, including the fact that yes she has slept with Stevie J. and "He Was Delicious". Joseline also revealed that Mimi is one of four of Stevie J.'s babies  mama's. This is a must see interview, that Joseline gave the Ricky Smiley morning show.

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