Tuesday, March 5, 2013

WTF...Deelishis' Husband Slaps Her and A Comedian In Her Home

Deelishis and Orlando Gordon

WTF.. London "Deelishis" Charles, a.k.a. Chandra Davis, a.k.a  Flavor of Love's Deelishis was the victim of a domestic dispute with estranged husband Orlando Gordon. It is unclear if Gordon is actually Deelishis' husband or fiancee, as some reports are listing him as the boyfriend while others have listed him as the husband. Apparently, Gordon's possessiveness got the best of him when he decided to burst into her home through the front door, and assault Deelishis in the front of her two children. Now, Deelishis is no stranger to men but, just in case reality t.v. isn't your thing. Deelishis' name was coined by the rapper, Flavor Flav in his usual  gawking fashion as he gave description of his feelings about her booty. Since Flavor of Love's Second Season Deelishis has gone on to bigger and better things,such as modeling, acting, singing, and even fashion and design.. remember Deelishis designed her very own jean line. Any Deelishis news I will report as ASAP, Deelishis' skype video made it's way to WorldStarHipHop, and gets this blog, at least one thousand hits a day. Click here to view Deelishis' skype video.

According to HipHopWired,

Davis' estranged lover, alleged drug dealer,  Orlando Gordon, burst through the front door striking her in the face. With both of her children in the house, Davis who was sleeping in her daughter's room, ran into her master bedroom room where her friend, comedian Michael Blackson, was sleeping.  Blackson, who had done a show a day earlier, was chased and hit in the face by Gordon. Once he made his way into the bedroom with Davis, she jumped out a two-story window to escape. “Davis was in a lot of pain from her right wrist,” stated the police report which also revealed that she had “blood on her right hand.”
Amid reports that she was attacked by a “pack of angry strippers,” the 35-year-old, went online to say that her injuries were a result of slipping on slippery stairs in expensive shoes, never making mention of the real story.
Her manager also followed suit. “I don't know nothing about no alleged assault,” she said.
Court records indicate that Davis was assaulted by Gordon who was free on bond stemming from a federal drug indictment for trafficking. Prosecutors have asked a federal judge to revoke his bail due in part to the aforementioned attack. “Gordon has engaged in criminal conduct that endangers the community—from driving while intoxicated to assault and home invasion,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Cares pointed out in a court filing. “These criminal acts show that no set of conditions can responsibly assure the safety of the community and Gordon's bond should be revoked.”

Wow, it seems that even in the world of superstardom, you have to be careful who with whom you choose to involve yourself with. First and foremost being mindful of their intentions with you. If that person displays anykind of possessive nature you need to run like a track star away. It seems that people with that possessive nature are nothing but trouble. 

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