Saturday, March 2, 2013

Love and Hip Hop's Joe Budden, Tahiry, and Olivia Teamup For A Hot XXL Photo Shoot

Tahiry 2-Rasha Entertainment
Tahiry and Joe Budden

Wow Love and Hip Hop New York's cast cleans up very nicely. Check out Tahiry, the ex-girlfriend of Joe Buden, Joe Buden, and the real songstress of the show Olivia in this upscaled photo shoot. Joe Buden and Tahiry look stunning in the photo captured above. I know this photo shoot is creating quite a buzz in both the industry and Joe Budden's personal life.  If you're a LAHH fan, then you've  probably witnessed Tahiry's blow up with Joe's current girlfriend Kaylin; where-in Tahiry simultaneously turned around an smacked her, for running her mouth. Last weeks episode reflected an apology from his girlfriend to Tahiry.  I have yet to reason with her apologizing to Tahiry after she was smacked, but hey if she likes it, you know the viewers hating on it.  Back to the subject and mattter at hand, Joe Budden and Tahiry are supposed to be ex-coupled; yet Tahiry and Joe Budden are being seen out together more and more these days. Question is- where is Kaylin and what does she think of this obvious reunion in the making. Have we learned nothing from  Chris Brown/Rihanna/Karrueche. However, Ray Charles could see that Tahiry and Joe Budden seems to be far from over one another. Oh well, Tahiry, I guess, Joe Budden sums it all up in his new single, She Don't Put It Down.

According to VLAD TV,
During a recent photo shoot for XXL Magazine, Joe Budden and his ex-romance Tahiry were seen on-set taking a few steamy shots hugged up on one another, without Kaylin.  Fellow Love & Hip Hop cast-mate Olivia was also present for the shoot. Check out Joe budden's hot new video for his debut single after the photo shoot.

Joe Budden-Tahairy-XXLPhotoshoot-Rasha Entertainment

Olivia and Tahiry  showing off some hot dresses .

Love Tahiry's dress

Olivia-Photoshoot-XXL Magazine-Rasha Entertainment

Tahiry Joe and Olivia

Tahairy-XXL Magazine-Rasha Entertainment

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