Friday, March 1, 2013

Man Shot To Death Outside Of French Montana's Tour Bus

French Montana
What Is This World Coming To? Early morning reports reveal that a man was shot to death outside of Rapper French Montana's tour bus. Authorities report are reporting that a man was shot and killed shortly, after an altercation at a French Montana concert in Philidelphia. While authorities are reporting that the shooting did occur outside of French Montana's tour bus, they have concluded that he himself was not a direct target of any sort. It is unclear to me what's going on with French Montana but, people are dropping like flies around him, just last month a 23 year old up and aspiring rapper was killed shortly after an altercation in a night club with French Montana. Reports later excluded French Montana from the incident, when they confiscated a taxi cabs video with footage of a man by the name of Ammar Harris driving a Range Rover pull in front of the now deceased victim's Maserati, and began shouting an yelling. Harris is now a suspect in that shooting. French Montana and entourage were not harmed in the incident. 

Hiphopwired reports, 

A man was shot and killed last night in Philadelphia following an altercation that took place outside of French Montana's tour bus. 
The Bad Boy Records rapper and his friends were reportedly fraternizing with fans following a performance in the nearby area. According to NBC 10, the shooting happened outside of the Holiday Inn on Penn's Landing.
A 27-year old man was shot in the stomach and rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A second fan was also hit and is in stable condition at Jefferson University Hospital. Multiple sources are reporting that neither Montana nor his cohorts were targets of the assailants and that the shooting seems to have been a beef between two groups of warring fans. Authorities have interviewed witnesses on the scene including the Excuse My French rapper and his entourage about the incident.

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