Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ice Cube Says F*** Dwight Howard and Calls Him A B****

Ice Cube is the latest celeb to join the, “ I hate Dwight Howard” ban wagon. Dwight Howard is not on the list of favorites these days because of the decision that he has made to leave the Los Angeles Lakers, for a better opportunity with the Houston Rockets.
First Kobe Bryant unfollowed him on twitter, which was all so mature, and then Rapper, The Game, stated- “fans shouldn’t burn Dwight Howards Jersey, but I am, and  now Ice Cube has annihilated him publically by say f*** him and calling him a b****.
According to TMZ,
"F**k Dwight Howard ...we don't need no punk ass motherf**kers on our team."
He continued, "We don't need no bitches on our team homie."
Cube adds, "Kobe will win another championship before Dwight Howard ever sniffs one."
After the rant, he told the crowd ... "I'm glad I got that off my chest. "
So are we.

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