Monday, July 8, 2013

Kevin Hart's "Let Me Explain" Earns $17 Million Over Weekend

Comedian Kevin Hart  is having a great year.  For starters, he actually performed in madison square Garden and sold out not one but, two shows, raking in a whopping $10.1 million.  And now- the "Think Like A Man" actor has raked in another whopping $17million from the box office for the syndication of his two sold out shows in Madison Square Garden in movie form entitled "Let Me Explain".  Not too bad for the hilarious character that we first witnessed as a laughing riot in his comedic debut via the movie "Soul Plane". If you guys have not seen his freshman syndication entitled "Laugh At My Pain", you may want to partake in viewing, it is hilarious.  Kevin Hart's "Let Me Explain" is even funnier than "Laugh At My Pain". If your in need of a good laugh this is the movie.

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