Friday, March 11, 2011

Nude Pics of Chris Brown Have Surfaced on the Internet of Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been blazing up the hiphop music charts for  a while now.  Producing hits like Deuces and No B.S. Chris Brown is no stranger to the spot light. Recently ,all the buzz created has come as a result of  some nude photo's being leaked onto the internet of the singer. Sources such as,and world have featured the infamous photos. The photo reveals a naked Chris Brown standing in front of a mirror apparently starring in a personal video shoot via  his Iphone. It has been rumored that Chris himself is the culprit who leaked the pics. Some others are questioning this motive and accrediting his exgirlfriend with the job. Im not sure if his exgirlfriend accredited is Rihanna. However I have the photos here but in order to stay in compliance with this sites rules, I will not show the uncensored photo. However if you want to view the uncensored shot here's the web address to do so.  The address is Here's are some other leaked photos of Chris Brown.  For more info and pics on Chris go to.

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