Sunday, August 11, 2013

Surfer Anastasia Ashley Twerks As A Warm Up Dance

What is it with the twerking today, Whom ever said that twerking was a black girl dance has obviously, never met Surfer Anastesia Ashley. reports, A video has surfaced showing pro surfer Anastasia Ashley "twerking" at a recent competition. For the uninitiated, "twerking" is another word for Ashley's wave of booty-shaking., which says it filmed Ashley at the Supergirl Pro tournament in Oceanside, Calif., Aug. 2-4, posted the clip on YouTube Tuesday to the strains of "Bubble Butt." (Ashley won her first heat and made the round of 72 incidentally.) Ashley, 26, took second in the Pipeline Women's Pro shortboard division in March. She wrote on her website that she grabbed third place in the 2012 Honda American Pro Series event in Huntington Beach, Calif. She also has a workout video and a busy Instagram. The twerking clip hits the Web a little more than a year after hurdler Michelle Jenneke became an Internet star with her hip-swaying, bouncy dance before a race. Check out the video here.

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