Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday 50th Birthday Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston photo source: creativedgemusic

Today dawns the birth of the DIVA herself, the one and only Whitney " Nippy" Houston.  For many of us this day is bitter sweet, because Whitney's untimely demise, seemed to have occurred far too soon. It's been over a year since the sudden passing of the pop diva icon, and yet it just happened yesterday.  Oddly enough, entertainment networks did not make a big fuss about. I did however, observe VH1's videography of Whitney earlier today.

Just wanted to take some time out of my day, to wish our beloved song bird a  Happy 50th Birthday.  I am remembering some of my favorite Whitney Houston Song's. What are some of yours? 

How Will I Know is one of my all time favorites. Check it out here .

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