Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What The Hell Was Miley Cyrus Thinking?

What is this world coming to?  Either she was extremely high on something or coming off of  it. If you have not yet seen her awful performance on the MTV Movie Awards 2013; then your in for it; I must warn you to brace yourself. She actually performed with Robin Thicke. It seems that Miley had more than a performance in mind as she stripped down to panties and bra and fundled Robin. In what was supposed to be a musical performance she grabbed his crotched all before twerking and grinding on him. But wait, she finalized her performance by bending all the way over to touch her toes for the happily married "blurred lines" singer.

Miley has definitely lost it. She loves negative attention it seems; one thing is for sure no one will ever confuse Hannah Montana with this Miley.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Check out Will Smith and his kids reaction to this fiasco; Not to mention the look on Rihanna's face.


Will Smith and his kids lookcas if they were. Witnessing a murder. Meanwhile Rihanna wad in shock and she couldn't flaw it.  They say a picture Is worth a thousand words.

If u missed this circus act check it out now.

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