Monday, May 16, 2011

Cali Swagg District Member M-Bone Is Murdered After A Twitter War Over A Girl

Sources are reporting the death of Cal Swaggs District's member, M-Bone on the evening of May 15, 2011. There were several stories that suggested that he may have been killed in a drive by shooting. At first, it wasn't clear if he himself was the target of the shooting. As the day has progressed the internet is swirming with articles suggesting that this shooting was the result of a feud on twitter between M-Bone and a guy who resided in the same apartment building as the female that M-Bone was dating. This is very disturbing news for the world of hip hop. I give my condolensces to his family, friends, and fans.  According to Perez,
Earlier today, we were sad to learn that Cali Swag District (CSD) Member M-Bone passed away last night as a result of gunshot wounds.
As a reminder, M-Bone and CSD are best known for their hit single Teach Me How to Dougie.
Now, more details have arisen surrounding M-Bone's death, and sources say that he MAY have been "targeted after a Twitter war over a girl."
Apparently, after going on tour, M-Bone returned to L.A. and got involved with a girl, which did not sit well with a man who lived in her building.
The man reportedly went on the attack against M-Bone over Twitter, and things escalated between the two.
The car which M-Bone was driving when shot was registered to the girl who was the source of the "Twitter war."
According to witnesses, after shots were fired, the shooter made a U-turn and returned to the car to see if he had hit M-Bone, which is further evidence that the attack was pre-meditated.
Such a sad, strange, and upsetting set of circumstances surrounding M-Bone's death.

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