Monday, July 11, 2011

Did Jennifer Williams Just Confess To An Admiration Of Female Strippers

Wow here's another situation that poses the question What Is This World Coming To? So I am watching one of my favorite shows, "The Basketball Wives", and the ladies are planning a divorce party for the Divorcee Jennifer Williams.  In case you have been buried under a rock and missed last season; let me inform you that Jennifer is about to be the ex-wife of Eric Williams, an ex-NBA baller. Tonight she went all in as it is revealed that she is not happy about  Evelyn's engagement to the very fine Ochocinco. An to add to insult, she reveals that she will enjoy, a little bit of adult entertainment from get this, "FEMALE STRIPPERS". She clearly states, " she would prefer women strippers don't judge me". We'll  I'm not judging her but she has just revealed that she is a freak in the bedroom, so i'm thinking maybe, she likes Evelyn herself. I'm just saying.  I'm am in a state of shock really with the entire ordeal. Tell me what you think.  Here's a clip from the latest season 3.

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