Friday, September 13, 2013

Video Footage: Gucci Mane Get's Into A Fight @Lenox Mall

Photo Credit: Twitter
Gucci Mane photo source:urbanbellemag

What Is This World Coming To? Rapper Gucci Mane is getting his Amanda Bynes on this week. I'm not sure what he is on, or coming off of but apparently, he is not having such a great life after all. First, there was his hilarious nine hour twitter rant where he went on and on about all of the stars that he so called slept with; and his latest hater roaster of rappers.

 Since then Gucci has retracted his tweets citing that they all were the result of his account being hacked; I think NOT, but that's an entirely different story. However, I am not the only one not convinced, as 105.1's The Breakfast Club coined him, the Donkey of The Day.

Now Necole Bitchie reports,

It’s safe to say that Gucci Mane is having the worst week ever.

First, he was dropped by his label. Then he was roasted on Twitter by Nicki Minaj and Tyga after he spent a day blasting his musical peers and posting unreadable confessionals about who slept with who in the industry from his Twitter account. [His Twitter account has magically disappeared over the last few days.] After all of this, you’d think the man could at least go chill at the mall, chill with some lemonade in the food court and window shop in peace right?

Of course not.  According to a video that is circulating the net, Gucci went to Lenox Mall solo dolo this week and almost got into a fight. The footage shows him squaring up with a random shopper, before a lady separates the two. As he is walking away, the person filming the video continues hollering “Gucci! Gucci! Brr! Brr!”

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