Friday, September 20, 2013

Rapper Drake Blushes On Ellen At The Site Of Rihanna

photo source: pitchfork
 Rapper Drake performed his hit song "I'm Coming Home", on the Ellen Show, and apparently, he was placed in the hotseat; as Ellen played a game of who has Drake dated?, the rapper was absolutely floored at the very site of Rihanna.

Ellen who is extremely hilarious, pressed this issue as she proceeded to ask the rapper, who (by the way) can sing, about Rihanna and other women in the industry that he may or may not have dated. Draked gushed that Rihanna was a great girl, and he will always be supportive of her; However, in classic idiotic guy code, he followed that statement up one that can be taken rather offensively. After Ellen asked, if he wanted to flip back to answer more questions in regard to Rihanna, the rapper stated no, I'm not really into do-overs of anything. I was surprised however to find that Drake, dated Tyra Banks. Watch the video as he gushes to Ellen, who by the way is hilarious. Drake's latest album will drop on the 24th of September. I can't wait to listen.

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