Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Man I Wish He Never Did It........

Ok guys, I just seen the most photos of Tre Songz and a Transvestite on mediatakeout.com. Apparently these are supposed to be pictures snapshot off of a video tape of Trey Songz having a sexual encounter with a transvestite. This is absolutely disturbing info mainly because, I absolutely adore him and because he has become sort of a sex symbol for many today. I myself don't think that this is a real photo, but I swear that this is very disturbing news. I'm in utter disgust behind this alledged info. Please keep in mind that this info is not my opinion, it is all taken from the source, mediatakeout. What I find disturbing is that usually after people dispute mediatakeout's stories as being uncredible, they end up being true, just as with the Chris Brown -Rihanna Drama, the Monica engagement to the Chris Brown of the NBA etc, the R-Kelly scandal etc. This is horrible; after this I need a seditive. I hope that mediatakeout.com is just in need of  some webtraffic. These pictures are too much for T.V. an too explicit for my blog so I will just post a link to website.

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