Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ellen is Nicki Minaj This Halloween

ellen degeneres
Ellen is Nicki Minaj

Happy Halloween.  The celebs had a great start this morning showing off their costumes. Check out the new Nicki Minaj, none other than Ellen Degeneres herself.  As aforementioned Nicki Minaj visited Ellen's talk show and the two of them created a hilarious video twerk video the Nicki Minaj Twerk Out

This skit featured Nicki Minaj showing several fans how to twerk, and as a result their butts got huge. Today, Ellen decided to create a halloween costume that mimicked Nicki  Minaj as she appeared on her show. She makes a great Nicki Minaj, check out the photo. What do you think of Ellen's Nicki Minaj transformation?

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