Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ochocinco Kisses Evelyn Lozada Via His T.V. Screen

Ochocinco kissing T.V. Screen photo source: Ochocinco/ Instagram

Wow, Ochocinco is going all in. Yesterday, he instagrammed this photo of himself, kissing his ex-wife, Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada. As we already know, Chad and Evelyn were married for a whopping 43 days before she filed for divorce, after a heated argument, ended with him headbutting her.

Chad was arrested and ultimately dropped from the Miami Dolphins. He also lost millions in endorsements, and paid the ultimate price, that resulted in him losing his wife of 43 days, Evelyn. Since, then Chad has openly accepted full responsibility for the assault. He has openly apologized to her for the incident, has made several attempts to make amends.

However, Evelyn, who was absolutely torn apart over the loss of her husband, public humiliation, and public scrutiny, made the decision that she could not stay in what, ultimately turned out to be an abusive relationship. We've watched her for the past weeks, openly express her pain, through tears and couseling, over the loss of their relationship. 

So apparently, Ochocinco was catching up on his reality T.V. and watching Evelyn as he decided to kiss her via his T.V. Screen of course. This is classic Ochocinco.   He instagrammed this photo with the caption,
"I caught bae by surprise". Later Evelyn responded back with “I don’t talk or entertain anything that man does via social network! I have moved on with my life & have left all that drama behind!”

While, I don't condone domestic violence, i seriously believe that the two of them need closure, and until that happens, neither one of them will be able to move on, not completely anyway.

Tell me what you think of this?

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