Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rihanna Transforms Into A Stripper....Pour It Up Video

photo source: badgirlri/instagram

Badgirlri's at it again, as promised, Rihanna premiered the video for her well known, strippers anthem, "Pour It Up".  Speaking of stripper, in this video Rihanna masters the art of the craft itself..  This may be Rih-Rih's raunchiest video yet.  This video is everything but pg. As captured above, in one scene of the video, Rihanna is in full stripper mode.  As she clearly exposes the art of twerking.

photo source :badgirlri/instagram

Rihanna can be seen throughout the video twerking in a chair, and on water might I add.  Instagram's Badgirlri has definitely lives up to her name. While I myself am not a fan of the video, this one is sure to captivate audiences, everywhere. Gotta love Rihanna... check  out the video below

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