Saturday, October 19, 2013

WTH... Dolly Parton Rapping

What Is This World Coming To? Dolly Parton,spitting a rhyme, is so not what I anticipate as rap music. However, the producer of the Queen Latifah show, must have found this to be quite entertaining. Dolly is rocking a Blonde Fro and rapping. Now the highlight of the rap is when she decides to pretty much shot out Miley Cyrus. Smh, I guess this is, what they call ENTERTAINMENT....Really... Check out the video.. Dolly rhymes,
"Now I don't hip and I don't hop, I'd black both eyes with this big top," she sang as the audience clapped. "I know the Queen has got them too, but she don't work them like I do. Look at them go!" She then gave her goddaughter, Miley Cyrus, a shout out, referencing twerking before quipping, "Hey, Miley — I've got your 'Wrecking Balls' right here" and cupping her you-know-whats. Oh, Dolly — you'll never stop entertaining us, and we're glad for that. ..

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