Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is Chris Brown and Rihanna A Couple Again?

 According to, "Rihanna and Chris Brown gave what they saw as a birthday present to their fans yesterday -- the release of remixes of two of their songs, which tell us why they are so in love again."  February 20, 2012 was Robyn Rihanna Fenty's 24th birthday. What a way to celebrate, as the singer released the remix of her song "Birthday Cake" via twitter, that featured none other than Chris Brown on vocals. Shortly afterwards Chris Brown tweets, "Happy Birthday ROBYN" to which she so candidly replied, "thanks". Shortly afterwards, Chris Brown tweets the remix to his new single "turn up the music", that featured  guess who?; You guessed it right none other than Rihanna.
As for the couple reuniting  romantically, I dont know; you should judge for your self. Here are some of the lyrics of Birthday Cake via Chris Brown. "Girl, I wanna f*** you right now. Been a long time. I been missin your body ... give it to her in the worst way. Can't wait to blow her candles off."   

As for her being featured on his remix to his single, "turn up the music", she reciprocated these vocals. ""Turn up the music, cause I feel a little turned on. Turn up the music, don't you try to turn me down. Turn up the music, can I feel it just a little more. Turn up the music, turn me up and take me down," Rihanna sing.

As for me I am not a hater, please believe that I think these two were the cutest couple ever. It hurt my heart when I heard of the domestic abuse being enacted; however, people grow and they change.  I for one am a fan of both of them.  It has been clear to me for some time now that Chris Brown loves this girl. After listening several of his songs, I quickly drew that conclusion. If you don't believe me  you should listen to All Up To U, Crawl, She Aint U, and lots of others that I can't recall at this very moment by Chris Brown.  I think Rihanna loves him just the same as she pours her heart out in tunes like talk that talk, and my favorite  and the controversial "s&m". Happy Birthday RiRi,  I wish you and Chris the best.

Listen to Rihanna's Birthday Cake Remix Featuring Chris Brown.

Listen to Chris Brown's "Turn Up The Music" featuring Rihanna.

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