Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whitney Houston's Leaked Open Casket Photo

According to, " Shocking photos of Whitney Houston in her golden casket have been published by The National Enquirer. Yes you are reading this promptly; apparently the enquirer is at it again. They have managed to snag a photograph of Whitney Houston in her casket.  This is by far,  the tackiest measure to take on leaked photos.  It seems to be a lot of this going around. Just as I came across this story earlier; I came across another one that read, "Lawyer Selling Bobbi Kristina Snorting Cocaine Video". I don't know what's more disturbing, the fact that Bobbi Kristina is photographed snorting coke, the fact that a lawyer, who is supposed help uphold the law, is selling something so degradable, especially when he knows the law. He is risking major litigation. His actions are ludacris; some people have no sympathy for other's . For goodness sake, Bobbi Kristina just lost her mother, and to add to agony this occurs. Another one of those things that makes me wonder, "What Is This World Coming To?"

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