Sunday, August 21, 2011

OMG! Is Reporting That Lil Wayne Has Spent The Night With A 16yr Old Girl.

Of all the foolishness I've heard on, this just about trumps it all. First off is reporting that Lil Wayne, a.k.a Weezy F. Baby, a.k.a, Lil Tunechi, is facing trouble with a probation/parole violation for apparently spending the night with a 16 year old girl named Sarah. They are reporting that Sarah has text messages, emails, pictures, and even a youtube video giving details about her night spent with Lil Wayne. I, for one don't believe a bit of this story. is reporting that there was no sex as a result of the night spend., has managed to get copies of her email messages, which proves nothing to me. They are actually reporting that they don't believe this bogus story. As for me, I think that is responsible for the spreading of the rumors. Because the girl is clearly saying that she met Lil Wayne and took a picture of him. She says in this video that all of this stemmed from a picture that she uploaded to facebook. . However, this is the lowest and most degrading display of character, that I've witnessed since the R.Kelly urinate sex tape.  I was seriously debating, whether or not to report this on my blog; However, I decided to because my blog entails all the craziness and madness in the world.  Seriously, I  am not an a die hard Lil Wayne fan, but this is horrible, that an accredited, well established business such as,, would aid in the intentional deformation of  Lil Wayne's character. If I were Lil Wayne, I would seek litigation, because they have attempted to defame his character. Besides something like this could has the potential to end his career. Not to mention, he himself has a teenage daughter, that he absolutely adores, and for that reason alone this store is detrimental.  I honestly, believed the story is 100% made up; Here's why I think that this is a lie.  Big ups to Lil Wayne,  I want to extend my deepest sympathy  and apology to him because, there are so many of our young men, who are doing nothing worth their whiles already; But to intentionally interfere in the career of  a young man who's larger than life right now, is downright tacky. I say keep your head up Lil Wayne and seek litigation asap. Not against, the young lady, because she is clearly, shaken, and overwhelmed by the web of lies that stemmed from a picture posted on facebook.

First off this picture looks photo shopped,  and even if it isn't that spells nothing she could have taken a picture with Lil Wayne at any concert or function.   To add to the insult if you look closely at the picture below the girl in the mirror image look like Beyonce,  and nothing like the 16yr old that they have featured in the photographed prior to this  one. needs to stop.

Ok, clearly this girl in the mirror looks nothing like the girl in the earlier photo. This is absolutely ridiculous.

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