Monday, August 22, 2011

Memphitz Gets Arrested Today

WTF, were my exact words when I seen this headline. Memphitz, whose real name is Mickey Wright was arrested today at an airport simply because he forgot that his gun was in his gym bag. If your not familiar with this fine specimen of a man, allow me to elaborate. He is the new hubby of  Toya Carter, Lil Wayne's ex-wife/ baby mama. According to, " authorities took Memphitz into custody because it is against the law to bring a firearm into an airport. It was mentioned that Memp, has a permit for the firearm. He just simply forgot to take the gun out of the bag.  Authorities have detained and are still holding him. I think authorities should have found something better to do, ijs. It should be against the law for a man to be this fine. He even looks good on his mugshot.

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