Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OMG, In Touch Weekly Is Reporting That Stacey Dash Has Been Fired From The Single Ladies Cast

Oh no! They can't fire Val. If your lost right now don't be, Val is Stacey Dash's character on the hit new show added to VH1's  hot lineup. According to In Touch Weekly Magazine. Stacey Dash has been fired from the cast and will not be returning for season two. This is so hard for me to believe ;considering last nights episode that ended with a bang. I hope this is just  bad press or media hype. But ,according to sources, Stacey Dash is a drama queen, they are reporting that she has cancelled promo's, feuded with the cast members, and caused entirely too much drama. Sources are reporting that Queen Latifah fired Dash personally. Sources have also reported that Stacey Dash and Lisa Ray were involved in an on set fight, that ended with Stacey storming off  the set. What is this world coming to?, Is the question I continue to ask. Honestly, if these two are feuding then they are great actors because, I have this image of Kesha and Val embedded in my head. I guest things aren't always what they seem. Anyhow, I think that firing Stacey is going to really hurt this shows ratings, I mean who are they going to hire to replace her. IJS. I really hope that this is a rumor.

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