Saturday, August 13, 2011

Watch A Sneak Peek of the Basketball Wives Season 3

The Basketball wives are at it again yall, I've managed to get a sneak peak uploaded to my blog. Looks like this reunion is going to be just as crazy as the last one. I hate that the girls don't get along with Royce. I am a fan of everyone except for Meka, simply because it was apparent, that she just came in gossiping and started all types of mess. However, I wish that Royce, and Ev would reconcile because it seems to me that Royce,was more hurt by the comments made behind her back because she genuinely thought that the girls were in here corner and loved her. Nevertheless, she did lash out and fight back, so I guess she can hold her own. I wish all of you ladies the best. All of these ladies have become very successful entrepreneurs, so I give them all props for that. All of the latest looked great on the reunion show. I swear i was loving Ev's dress and shoes. As usual she was in Herve Leger, and Christian Louboutin pumps. I can't wait to see this showdown. lol

While it seems that Royce and Ev are bitter enemies it seems that they have similar taste in shoes. In this pic Royce is wearing a pair of Georgiana Goodwin Love Sandals, a very expensive designer line that is carried by none other than Dulce Shoes, Evelyn's shoe store.

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