Monday, September 19, 2011

Wow!!! Fabulous Knocks Ray -J Out

OMG, is reporting that the Mr. Cocoloso himself, the rapper Fabulous, knocked Ray-J out at a casino last. First, off let me just say that Mayweather has definitely influenced his peers. Lol. This story is so funny to me, when did Ray-J become a thug, the last I checked he was Brandi's brother. is also reporting that Ray-J's jewelry was stolen, and afterwards he called a radio station to formally threaten Fabulous. I just think that the entire story is hilarious, I am  shocked and at this point completely amused, but don't just take my word for it here is the story as I read it via,,

Last night shortly after rapper Fabolous performed at the Palms casino in Las Vegas - he and Ray J got into a FIST FIGHT. Here's how it all popped off. According to a ROCK SOLID CELEBRITY snitch (you all know this person TOO), Ray J was drunk and started talking RECKLESS . . . claiming that he was more popular than rapper Fabolous.
Ray J was UPSET that Fabolous was on Twitter talking real SLICK about him appearing on Floyd Mayweather's 24-7.
In the beginning it was just JOKES . .. but then rapper 50 Cent started INSTIGATING. The insider explained, "When Ray J would say something, 50 would be like 'OOOOOH, Fab how are you gonna let him say that to you.'"
Well it worked because what started out as just JOKES - ended up with FISTS. The insider explained, "Fab was like "F*ck you' to Ray, and Ray got in his face. Next thing you know, Fab two pieced him. Actually is was a three piece cause he hit Ray once on the ground."
Ray J was knocked unconscious. And what happened next, we have to say ALLEGEDLY (cause we here at MTO are #teamnosnitch#). Allegedly . . . when Ray was unconscious some people RELIEVED HIM of his jewelry.
UPDATE: Fab called in and said that he never TOUCHED Ray J.
When Ray J WOKE UP he started acting CRAZY . . . threatening EVERYONE IN SIGHT. Police were called and had to ESCORT Ray out of the casino . . . No word on whether Ray will be pressing charges for the azz whooping . . . or for being RELIEVED of his jewels.
UPDATE!!! WOOOOW!! Ray J is talking CRAZY ish right now. He called up Charlamagne and his squad at NY's Power 105.1 and says that the next time he sees Fab - he will ATTACK HIM. Ray J also claims that he was NOT touched by FAB. But our entertainment insiders say that IS NOT TRUE. Fab did in fact TWO PIECE PLUS BISCUIT him and knocked him unconscious!!!

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