Monday, September 5, 2011

Master P Is Being Sued For Over $240 K

Uh oh... Percy (Master P) Miller is being sued, again.  Wow, there have been several reports suggesting that Master P owes major debts. Earlier this year its was reported that he was being sued for unpaid child support. However, it was later reported that he was only order to pay a combined $ 271, a month for four children. Apparently, Mr. Mak'em Say Uhn, presented documents to the courts that reported only about $1387 a month in income, and as a result he was order to pay a whopping $271, in child to support to his ex. Now, if you think this is ridiculous, he is being sued now for over $240k, in fee's that stemmed from the production of 2003's, "Uncle P". If your not familiar with the movie, please tune in to BET, it is usually in heavy rotation, along with another Master P production, "Honey" ijs.   Master P, apparently was ordered to pay the fee's, but filed a Bankruptcy lawsuit on behalf of No Limit Records in 2003. Now, I myself think that this is a bunk of  B.S. because it is recorded in history that the Master P empire's net worth was over $600 Million. This is the crazy thing ever. I think he should just pay the people their money, I mean what's $240k, when you have milliion's. I mean it just makes him look really bad and tacky.  According to, "
Count Master P among the many rappers facing legal and financial woes, as the man once reported as being worth $600 million is being sued for $240,000 and pushed into bankruptcy court.
Legal documents obtained by TMZ indicate that a group of people that worked for P on his 2003 movie Uncle P were never paid. What's more, several members of the crew sued the rapper in 2005 and won, but he allegedly never paid up.
The class has taken its case to U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Los Angeles, with the goal to push P, real name Percy Miller, into bankruptcy so that an independent trustee will manage his assets." So as they say what goes around comes around he lyed to avoid taking care of 4 minor children from his ex-wife, and what do you know he will be made to payout over $240k, you can call this Karma at it's best. I am attaching a copy of the article I read on, that revealed Master P's awful claim that he only makes $1387 a month, that's a shame. Here's what I read,"
According to court documents filed in March of 2011, Master P (aka Percy Miller) is paying his ex-wife Sonya Miller a mere $271.00 a month. Apparently he claims that he only has a monthly income of $1,387. His ex wife, isn't buying this for a second; neither are we.
Seeing as his wife has been unable to obtain his real financial records, the Department of Child Support Services only forced him to pay the minimum, until they can access his true worth.
If you are unaware of Miller's children besides Romeo, they have five other ones, four who are still minors (Tytyana, Italy, Hercy, and Mercy).
What makes him super gross to us is that he laid there and made those children. Regardless of how bitter your divorce was, you should want to make sure all your children could live as comfortably as your eldest; or period for that matter. He knows he owns massive property and we can imagine that he is still receiving royalty payments from his son at least. Let's not mention his No Limit Roster. Or the fact that he manages Gucci Mane and all of Romeo's current endeavors.

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