Wednesday, September 14, 2011 Has Proof, Deion Sanders Cheated On His Wife

WTH, is exactly what I thought as I first got wind of this news yesterday, September 13, 2011. MTO (, is reporting that Deion Sanders has been caught cheating on his wife Pilar. I rarely post's news simply because the validity is questionable; however, this story had both facebook and twitter trending yesterday. So I decided to show the proof of this endeavor.  I am actually wondering if Deion  was trying to get caught? ijs.  What do you expect when you record info view text messages. Check it out yourself. Honestly, I can't say if this is Deion or not because this dude is turned over on his back and these pictures are  blurred; however, they do also have the text messages from, this young lady a friend and Deion. They also, have flight info. I don't know about this one but, If in fact this story is true, then I feel bad for Pilar and even worse for Deion because, she is going to take him to the cleaners for this one.


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