Monday, April 7, 2014

50 Cent Disses P.Diddy "Puffy Might Be The Destination For Anybody Going Nowhere"

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50 Cent is adding a new victim to his long list of beef. This time Diddy, is the target.  Apparently, 50 conducted an interview with one of my favorite radio talk show teams, The Breakfast Club.

In that interview, he referenced a list of former Bad Boy artists who's careers are no longer existing, after pairing with Diddy. 

Madamnoirre reports,

50 Cent's stated the following,

"When he came out with the “Angels” record, I said ‘Naw man, that’s wack. You gotta stand next to something.’ And he knew exactly what I meant, cause he’s been standing next to something his entire career. He stood next to Biggie. He stood next to Mase. He stood next to Joc. Look, Puffy might be the destination for anybody going nowhere. Nobody survived him. Look at it.”

During the course of this interview 50 also goes in on the rappers of today, explaining, why he doesn't fit in with them.  Also referencing an underground album where he actually states, these rappers wearing skinny jeans, I can't fit in.

While I'm unsure of the reasoning behind, 50's obvious resentment for Diddy, there were several incidents that leading up to this interview.

Check out Hollywoodlife's 50 Cent Disses Rick Ross and Diddy, calls them gay via instagram and Allhiphop's Rick Ross Addresses  50 Cent's gay rumors. 

Though he has made an interesting point, that these days some rappers are wearing skinny's and dresses and he can't get with that.   What do you think of 50's interview with the breakfast club.

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