Saturday, April 26, 2014

BBWLA's Draya Insists "Sundy Needed Her Ass Whooped"

BBWLA's Draya Michelle @Reunion Show photo source : madamenoire

The BBWLA's Reunion show is sure to cause a stir when it premieres this Monday on VH1. We've all witnessed Draya feeling the raft of the haters, this season. However, we also witness, the birth of a new Draya. The new Draya didn't take any mess this season.

 Draya's feuds seem to all be warranted; pretty much at the hands of Jackie Christie. Draya gained a lot of respect and an entire new fan club, I'm sure when she jump over a sofa and blacked Sundy's eye while vacationing.  Draya, responded to Shaunie O'neal in an interview by stating the following: 

“I knew when I was going to Palm Springs, I knew I was going to whoop a** and take names. I knew she [Sundy] was going to push my buttons first,” Draya told Shaunie O’Neal, who conducted the one-on-one interview. “I think it must have been the ‘Pansie-a** son.’ Too many of the ‘my son.’ What makes another woman say that about somebody else’s child? You are sick and you need your a** beat. You wanna bring up Miami? Miami is the one who punched her in the eye. And if Jackie wanted to get out of line, I was going to handle her next because Jackie is the one who brough this fester, this disease of a person to us to do he dirty work" Check out the sneak peak of BBWLA Reunion show here on VH1.

If you missed the fight that left Sundy with a black eye, check it out below.

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