Thursday, April 17, 2014

WTF.....Rapper Intentionally Castrates Himself and Leaps Off A Building

Christ Bearer
Christ Bearer

What Is This World Coming To? This act of foolery is like non-other.   Sources are reporting, that a 40 year old rapper, by the name of "Christ Bearer", castrated himself before leaping off of a building, yesterday, in North Hollywood, CA. reports,

The rapper who's real name is Andre Johnson, was apparently a former member of the rap group known as Northstar. Apparently, this group was directly affiliated with Wu Tang.

Much to our surprise the rapper did manage to survive this castrated, two-story leap, but oddly enough, doctors were not able to severe the penis that he managed to castrate. 

This is some really strange behavior. Makes you wonder what kind of drug was he on.  He should never be released back into society with these type of mental issues. Ijs. The man that will castrate himself and willingly leap from a two story building, and manages to survive, has no regards for life. Please lock him up in a mental ward where he belongs.

TMZ actually reported that there were several rappers present on the scene, when this madness occurred. This foolishness, has earned the so called rapper, the donkey of the day away, via Charlamagne The God.

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