Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jay-Z Is Sporting A New Black- On-Black Tesla Model S

Jay-Z stands next to an all black-on-black Tesla model s

Well if it isn't Mr. Black Album himself... Jay-Z has coped a new black-on-black Tesla  model S. Jay-Z is certainly, no stranger to luxury and neither is his garage these days.  

I believe, it was Jay-Z who first rhymed, "seats way back, in the Maybach, while I ride".  This line paid homage to the infamous Mercedes Maybach, of course. 

While I am unsure if this car was just yet another million dollar plus endorsement of Jay's you can rest assure that this brands value just quadroupled in demand.    If your into riding electric, this could may be just the toy for you.  The Tesla Model S boasts a hefty price tag of about $70,000. 

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